fourteen plus

  • Starting Platform -  Our fourteen plus gigs are the perfect place for young bands to play their first gig and meet like minded bands.
  • Wider Audience - These shows allow you to bring anybody over 14 (subject to venue t&c's) to your gig, that means that you don't need to have ID and be over 18 to get in
  • Professional Venues - All of our Fourteen Plus shows are held in professional venues with high quality sound equipment and excellent sound engineers, the venues come with professional security to ensure that everyone has fun and are safe at the same time. (even if they do look pretty mean sometimes)

eighteen plus

  • Bars and Clubs - If you are old enough (and all of your fans are too), then bars and clubs are a great place to have a gig and showcase your music, with bar promotions on drinks they often help encourage those who like a few beverages to come along and enjoy a drink with the show.
  • Intimate Venue -  There is no doubt that playing in larger venues can be amazing, sometimes the smaller shows can offer platforms to test out new music, or promote an upcoming show, often these venues attract music lovers who will come along just to see what bands are playing, so you stand a good chance of picking up a few extra fans
  • Extended Opening Hours -  Unlike venues, bars and clubs come with the benefit of late music licenses, this can mean later doors (giving people more time to get to the venue), a longer set time.... or that you get to play a little bit later and enjoy a drink after your set in the venue and hang out with everyone at the gig

 All ages

  • Quarterly Promotions - Shows open to All ages tend to be larger shows or take a unique format. We aim to run something once every three months and depending on the time of year this can often be more.
  • Music Networks - We often work in partnership with other organisations and community groups to run these events and this will give your act links to more networks than you would normally get from other shows.
  • Ignition - We have our own branded promotion that we hope to develop and build on, keep an eye out for Ignition promotions as they will often offer unique opportunities for local musicians. There is a lot planned, so don't miss out.